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Founder, Owner & Yoga Teacher

Thina Chat

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''Harmony of the Inner Odyssey: A Philosophical Journey through Yoga''

Amidst the ebb and flow of existence, Thina Chat (Thomais Aikaterini Chatzigianni)navigates the labyrinth of life with the wisdom of a seeker. As a certified E-500RYT  and a YACEP (Continuing Education Provider) registered with Yoga Alliance her journey unfolds as a captivating exploration of the profound tapestry woven by Hatha yoga traditions, Sivananda, and Ashtanga, along with the serenity found in Yin. Beyond the yogic realms, Thina is a certified Ayurvedic and Classic massage therapist and training provider, acknowledged by IPHM - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Yet, her identity extends beyond the mat; she is a voice and movement artist, a performer whose existence resonates with the harmonies of life.

From the early wanderings of her nomadic youth and a life marked by perpetual transitions, Thina discovered an anchor within herself, a sanctuary amidst the transitory tides of the external world. Yoga, a beacon of transformation, illuminated her path at the tender age of 12, offering solace in the aftermath of a deeply traumatic event. Subsequently, a spinal injury became the crucible that refined her perspective, delving into the profound dimensions that transcend the mere physicality of asana practice. Within this turmoil, Thina unearthed comfort, inner peace, and an unwavering belief in boundless possibilities.

Her passions extend to the realms of singing and performing, culminating in a professional journey in classical singing, dance, and musical theater in the Netherlands. A two-year Sivananda yoga teacher training with Rama Shakti Janine Brall at Yoga Vidya in the Netherlands/Germany became a pivotal chapter, setting her on the path of teaching in 2013. The influence of Ma Bela Burgos Lipat, a KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher, ignited a profound love for this tradition, prompting Thina to pursue a teacher training course with Manju Pattabhi Jois on the Ashtanga tradition later on.

In 2017, guided by intuition, Thina embarked on a transformative journey, "The Cycling Sutras." Pedaling a bicycle across numerous countries of Europe raising funds for "The Smile of The Child" charity, rekindling her connection with Greece and planting the seeds for the birth of ''Yoga Fusion Shala'' and ''Urban Yoga House Hostel & Retreat''.

Now nestled in Ioannina of Northern Greece, Thina immerses herself in the serenity of her shala when not engaged in her multifaceted pursuits. A vocal and instrumental presence in the Urban Yoga Collective Kirtan band, orchestrates her life's melodies amid nature's embrace—camping in mountains, rafting down rivers, and cycling along picturesque coastlines. Her dedication extends to organizing teacher training courses, workshops, and retreats, perpetually nurturing the growth of her students anywhere around the world.

A perpetual learner, constantly developing her expertise in various yoga styles such as Sivananda, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Acro yoga, Nada and Yogadance. She has also delved into the realms of Yoga anatomy, Alexander technique, Voice and movement Integration. Her quest for knowledge extends beyond the physical, into the deep research and study of Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Tantra Philosophies, blending insights from different Hatha yoga traditions to inspire her classes and teacher training courses.

Currently, she continues her practice under the guidance of Vairaygya Ranko Level 2 KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher and Bela Lipat, visiting their shalas Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade and Ashtanga Yoga Shala - Jyväskylä (AYSJ to further fueling her passion for Ashtanga Yoga. Furthermore she attends workshops & retreats of various other teachers such as Laruga Glasser & David Fredriksson.

Thina continues her yogic odyssey. Her journey, a testament to the transformative power of yoga, unfolds as an unyielding spirit of exploration and creativity that permeates every facet of her life.

You can delve deeper into her reflections and projects through her interviews and blog, inviting you to explore the intricate layers of Thina's philosophical journey HERE.

Yoga Teacher

Stella Kyrou

Stella Kyrou

'' A Journey from Biology to Yoga Wisdom ''

Stella Kyrou, a certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance, is a multifaceted individual whose life has undergone a profound transformation through the practice and philosophy of yoga. Born and raised in Greece, Stella initially pursued her academic interests in biology at the University of Ioannina. Little did she know that her path would soon lead her to the ancient and enlightening world of yoga.

In 2010, Stella's life took a turn when she came in contact with yoga. What started as a curiosity soon became an integral part of her daily existence. The profound impact of yoga philosophy inspired Stella to delve deeper into its teachings, paving the way for a transformative journey.

As a dedicated practitioner, Stella's personal yoga odyssey naturally progressed towards the realm of teaching. She sought to enrich her understanding by undertaking a series of comprehensive studies, notably with Yoga Fusion Shala and Thina Chat. Her training encompassed various Hatha Yoga styles, including Aerial Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Nada Yoga, and a multi-style 200-hour teacher training course.

This immersive training covered the rich traditions of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar, Yin, and Aerial Yoga. Stella delved into the intricacies of Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, and Hands-On Adjustments, honing her skills and knowledge to become a well-rounded and versatile yoga instructor.

Stella firmly believes that yoga is not just a physical practice but a journey towards inner knowledge, unity, truth, and freedom. For her, the transformative power of yoga goes beyond the mat, influencing every aspect of life. Through her teachings, Stella aspires to share the profound benefits of yoga, helping others discover the same sense of inner wisdom and liberation that she has found on her own path.

Stella Kyrou's journey from a biologist to a certified yoga teacher is a testament to the transformative power of yoga and the profound impact it can have on one's life. Her dedication to continuous learning and exploration reflects not only a commitment to personal growth as but also a passion for sharing the gifts of yoga with others on their own transformative journeys.

Guest Teacher

Aris Papas

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Aris papas

''Embracing the Wild Within: A Journey of Yoga, Nature, and Inclusion''


Aris (they/them), RYT 500, is a nature-loving, adventure-seeking, unconventional nomad with a passion for exploring the unknown. As a queer yogi Aris’s mission is to create safe and inclusive spaces in the realm of yoga and meditation. As a former wilderness therapy guide they are a mental health advocate and incorporate mindfulness-based techniques in their classes.


At a very young age, Aris began to connect with the healing power of nature. In 2021 they successfully hiked over 4,000km across the USA from the Mexican border to the Canadian border along the Pacific Crest Trail. They embrace the elements and find comfort in the universal powers.  Spending time with Aris puts you in touch with your primal origin and wild heart.

As an environmentalist, Aris’s values have led them to sustainable/off-grid living and farming projects around the globe. They were the wellness event coordinator for an eco-living space in rural Colombia.  There they taught yoga and meditation to digital nomads from all corners of the earth. They recently taught at an eco-lodge in Guatemala with stunning views of the volcano Acatenango. They are also a teacher trainer for YTTCs around Greece. Within Yoga Fusion Shala's family we are very happy to have Aris as a teacher trainer for our 200H and 300H teacher training courses in Greece and abroad!

Before finding yoga, Aris was a lead wilderness therapy guide where they implemented clinical therapeutic interventions to support at-risk youth and young adults. They also taught EFL through theater, improv and play. They incorporate these creative and alternative methods into their practice and emphasize mindfulness-based techniques for healing and growth.

Aris is a funky wilderqueer on a mission to create progressive spaces which nurture, uplift and increase visibility for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and other marginalized communities, on and off the mat. Their classes emphasize an insight-based philosophy rooted in love, playfulness and unconditional acceptance. Aris uses nature and the elements to connect you to the abundance that exists right here, right now. To flow with Aris is to journey through an embodied practice that embraces yoga’s roots while opening doors to your inner power.

Vagelis Ntakis

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Vagelis Ntakis

The Holistic Journey: Vagelis' Path from Track and Field to Pilates Mastery and Beyond"


Vagelis, a graduate from the Aristotle University of Greece with a specialization in Track and Field coaching and General Physical Condition training, embarked on a transformative journey to delve into the holistic realm of fitness. Recognizing the profound impact of Josef Pilates' technique, he completed rigorous training in Pilates mat & props and Reformer, aiming to bring the benefits of this method to both professional athletes and individuals seeking to enhance stamina, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Beyond his role as a trainer and Pilates teacher, Vagelis extends his expertise to Thai massage therapy, Personal training, and Lifestyle coaching, holding diplomas from the International Training Massage School (ITM), North Academy of Fitness, and ERC. His commitment to continuous learning led him to attend specialized workshops, including those focused on "LLM Care" – a method combining physical and intellectual exercises for memory loss prevention, healthy aging, and mindfulness in movement – as well as the "Braille Code," which he applies in his work with elderly individuals and special groups.

In collaboration with physiotherapy specialists, Vagelis is currently engaged in groundbreaking research on a Kinisiotherapy model tailored for injury recovery and rehabilitation techniques. He remains actively dedicated to his own development through ongoing participation in educative workshops and training. When he's not immersed in his professional pursuits, you'll find Vagelis off the grid, indulging his adventurous spirit with activities such as paragliding, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, and expressing his creativity through music

Guest Teacher

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Avril McKenzie

''A Journey of Love and Devotion through the Heart of Yoga''


Avril McKenzie, a certified yoga teacher born in London, embarked on her yoga journey in 1968. Fueled by love and respect for the yogic lifestyle, she delved into studies with esteemed instructors in the UK, including Rani Hart, Helen Knight, and Swami Dev Murti (KayaKalpa teachings). In 1983, her spiritual journey led her to India, where she found her cherished guide, Swami B.R. Shridhar.

Under Swami B.R. Shridhar's guidance, Avril commenced teaching in 1984 in Ioannina, northern Greece. Her teachings have since touched various locations, including Ioannina, Corfu, London, Belgrade, and Novi Sad in Serbia. Avril holds licenses to teach diverse Vedic Arts, encompassing Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition, Raja Yoga, Kaya Kalpa, Ayurveda, and Meditation, while also leading satsang and Kirtans.

Avril's "Heart of Yoga" teachings blend the Bhakti Yoga path of love, light, and devotion with a spiritual, truthful approach to practice and interactions. Her classes reflect a harmonious fusion of diverse flavors, emphasizing the profound meaning behind every aspect of the yoga journey.

Beyond her role as a retreat teacher and teacher trainer for various courses, including Kaya Kalpa and Pranayama, Avril is an integral member of the Yoga Fusion family. As a musician in the ''Urban Yoga Collective'' kirtan band, she contributes to fostering a sense of nurturing gathering and spiritual connection within the yoga community.

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Guest Teacher

Coralia Batista (5).png (5).png

''A life of immeasurable possibilities in every moment''


Coralia, a former piano teacher, embarked on her transformative journey towards becoming a 200hr yoga instructor over 15 years ago. Originating from Greece, she heeded the inner calling, venturing across India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia to delve into the profound realms of yoga and meditation within diverse shalas, ashrams, and temples.

Her profound connection to nature, synchronization with moon cycles, biorhythms, and celestial frequencies led her towards the spiritual dimensions of Kundalini, Sivananda, and Satyananda. Simultaneously, she marveled at nature's perfection through the disciplined alignment of the body in Iyengar and Ashtanga, creating a harmonious symphony that resonates with any musician's ear.

Now, as a seasoned 15-year yoga instructor, mentor, and eternal student, Coralia imparts the wisdom of mind-body-soul balance. She stands as an integral member of the Yoga Fusion family and contributes as an assisting teacher for training courses, sharing her wealth of experience.

Coralia encapsulates her philosophy with the words, "What I mostly love in this life is the immeasurable possibilities in every moment," embodying a commitment to continual growth, exploration, and the boundless potential inherent in each passing moment.

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