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Founder, Owner & Yoga Teacher

Thina Chat

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Thina Chat

Human nature is a moving one, either moving outwards to express ourselves while practicing to overcome the illusion of our separated existence from the rest of the world, or moving inwards, towards our innermost source finding our truth in unity with everything, we are part of this ongoing universal flow. This point of view, way of life or philosophy, is the fundamental element that sets Thina's intention in everything she does. Through her own experience she believes that, sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith to overcome fear and set everything in motion... and her story and Yoga Fusion Shala's started somewhat like this.


Thina is a certified E-500RYT  and a YACEP (Continuing Education Provider) registered with Yoga Alliance, while being also certified as a teacher and trainer in Yin, Aerial, and Vinyasa yoga, Sivananda and Ashtanga are being her main Hatha yoga traditions on her yoga path. She is  also a certified Ayurvedic and Classic massage therapist / Certified massage trainer registered with IPHM - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and a voice and movement artist and performer.

Moving a lot and changing places since an early age in her life not  only shaped her to a travelling yoga nomad but also  pointed her intention of keeping centered inside when everything outside was constantly shifting and changing. 

Yoga came to her life when she was 12 after a serious traumatizing event  that found her emotionally shattered, and developed further into a deeper inner later on, when a serious spinal injury made her change her perspective and ways that she perceived, appreciated and connected with her body, discovering the finer inner layers of this practice that go beyond the external physical experience of performing asanas. Suddenly she had discovered comfort, healing, freedom within, and a new vision that anything was possible.

Her immense love for singing and performing back then, led her to study classical singing, dance and musical theater performance and in 2011 she decided to move to the Netherlands to continue working professionally with music. Within her 7 years of living in Rotterdam she followed a two year Sivananda yoga teacher training course with  Rama Shakti Janine Brall at Yoga Vidya in the Netherlands/Germany and started teaching intensively since of 2013. In 2017 she decided to follow her intuition as her compass once again, and dedicated a year of her life in the Karma Yoga path ''The Cycling Sutras'' crossing Europe from the Netherlands to Greece on her bicycle, fundraising money for ''The Smile of The Child'' organisation,  leading her ''back home'' when the idea of having a yoga school and yoga retreat of her own took form... manifested... and ''Yoga Fusion shala'' as well as ''Urban Yoga House Hostel & Retreat'' were born.


Before following a  teacher training course with Manju Pattabhi Jois  and while living in the Netherlands, she had the blessing to meet and practice with Ma Bela Burgos Lipat KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher onwer of Ashtanga Yoga Shala - Jyväskylä (AYSJ) that really shaped her practice and made her fall in love with this tradition. Nowadays she still enjoys and keeps up with her practice next to Vairaygya Ranko Level 2 KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher, joining his workshops and retreats and visiting Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade in Serbia.

Settled in the Greek northern lands in the heart of Ioannina's city center, when she is not in the shala, you will find her singing and playing in the Urban Yoga Collective Kirtan band, escaping in nature with her beloved rescued dog Rex, taking her tent and bike to camp on the mountains, spending her time rafting down rivers, cycling south to the west coast seaside, or arranging her teacher training courses and retreats, visiting various places to teach workshops around Greece and abroad.

Professional development in: Sivananda, Ashtanga,Yin, Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga, Acro yoga and  Yogadance, Yoga anatomy, Alexander-technique, Voice and movement Integration. Research and study upon Yoga/Vedanta/Tantra Philosophies, bodywork, movement and yoga anatomy, with a blend of different hatha yoga traditions are the inspiration behind her upcoming,  ''Shiva-Shakti Vinyasa'' 200hours and 300hours  teacher training courses.

You can read her interviews/blog, and find more about her projects HERE.

Guest Teacher

Aris Papas

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Aris Papas

Aris (they/them), RYT 500, is a nature-loving, adventure-seeking, unconventional nomad with a passion for exploring the unknown. As a queer yogi Aris’s mission is to create safe and inclusive spaces in the realm of yoga and meditation. As a former wilderness therapy guide they are a mental health advocate and incorporate mindfulness-based techniques in their classes.


At a very young age, Aris began to connect with the healing power of nature. In 2021 they successfully hiked over 4,000km across the USA from the Mexican border to the Canadian border along the Pacific Crest Trail. They embrace the elements and find comfort in the universal powers.  Spending time with Aris puts you in touch with your primal origin and wild heart.

As an environmentalist, Aris’s values have led them to sustainable/off-grid living and farming projects around the globe. They were the wellness event coordinator for an eco-living space in rural Colombia.  There they taught yoga and meditation to digital nomads from all corners of the earth. They recently taught at an eco-lodge in Guatemala with stunning views of the volcano Acatenango. They are also a teacher trainer for YTTCs around Greece. Within Yoga Fusion Shala's family we are very happy to have Aris as a teacher trainer for our 200H and 300H teacher training courses in Greece and abroad!

Before finding yoga, Aris was a lead wilderness therapy guide where they implemented clinical therapeutic interventions to support at-risk youth and young adults. They also taught EFL through theater, improv and play. They incorporate these creative and alternative methods into their practice and emphasize mindfulness-based techniques for healing and growth.

Aris is a funky wilderqueer on a mission to create progressive spaces which nurture, uplift and increase visibility for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and other marginalized communities, on and off the mat. Their classes emphasize an insight-based philosophy rooted in love, playfulness and unconditional acceptance. Aris uses nature and the elements to connect you to the abundance that exists right here, right now. To flow with Aris is to journey through an embodied practice that embraces yoga’s roots while opening doors to your inner power.

Vagelis Ntakis

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Vagelis Ntakis

Vagelis after graduating from the Aristotle University of Greece in the department of Physical Education specialized in Track and Field coaching and General Physical Condition training, decided to focus more on the benefits and advantages of Josef Pilates technique applied in different sport styles and completed his Pilates mat & props and Reformer training, aimed not only at professional athletes but also at everyone that wants to develop stamina, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility through this method.


Besides a trainer and Pilates teacher he sets some time aside for Thai massage therapy, Personal training and Lifestyle coaching and BLS, holding an International Training Massage School (ITM), North Academy of Fitness and ERC diplomas.


After attending specialized workshops of ''LLM Care'' (a method combining physical and intellectual exercises focusing in Memory loss prevention, healthy aging and mindfulness in movement) and ''Braille Code'', he applies this knowledge while working with elderly individuals or special groups.


At the moment and in co-operation with physiotherapy specialists he is researching of a Kinisiotherapy model suitable for injury recovery and rehabilitation techniques.


He stays active with his further development through educative workshops and training, while ''off the grid'' you will find him paragliding, scuba diving, sailing hiking and mountain biking or playing music.

Guest Teacher

Avril McKenzie (6).png (5).png (4).png
Avril McKenzie

Avril Mckenzie is a certified yoga teacher  born in London, who started practicing in 1968.

With love and respect for a yoga lifestyle, she went on to study with many respected teachers in the UK, such as Rani Hart, Helen Knight, Swami Dev Murti (KayaKalpa teachings) and others, until eventually meeting her beloved guide and teacher in India, Swami B.R.Shridhar in 1983.


Under his direction she began teaching in 1984 in Ioannina, northern Greece, and continues to teach up until now in various places including  Ioannina, Corfu, London, Belgrade and Novi Sad in Serbia.
She is licensed to teach the various Vedic Arts, including Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition, Raja Yoga,  Kaya Kalpa, Ayurveda and Meditation while  leading satsang and Kirtans.

Alongside the  Bhakti Yoga path,  the one of love, light and devotion, and a spiritual truthful meaning behind everything  we do and the way we approach the practice, ourselves and others are only a few of the blended flavors in her ''Heart of Yoga'' teachings.

Within the Yoga Fusion's family Avril besides assisting as a retreat teacher and teacher trainer for our Kaya Kalpa, Pranayama and many more teacher training courses, is also a vital community member and musician in our lovely ''Urban Yoga Collective'' kirtan  band!

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Guest Teacher

Coralia Batista (5).png (5).png

A former piano teacher, Coralia’s inward journey to become a 200hr yoga instructor began over 15 years ago when she finally listened to the teacher within and left her homeland of Greece to explore the illusive path of travelling around India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia practising yoga and meditation in various shalas, ashrams and temples.


Her connection to nature, moon cycles, biorhythms and celestial frequencies naturally drew her to the more spiritual and meditative practices of Kundalini, Sivananda and Satyananda while simultaneously witnessing nature’s perfection through the body’s alignment in the discipline of Iyengar and Ashtanga – a perfect melodious blend to any musician’s ear.


She now shares this harmonious balance of mind, body and soul with others as a 15yr experienced teacher, mentor and forever student and she is a vital Yoga Fusion family  member and assisting teacher for teacher training courses. 


She shares ‘’What I mostly love in this life is the immeasurable possibilities in every moment’’.

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