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Nada Yoga 50H ''Vibration of The Cosmos'' YACEP® Intensive TTC

“Physical sound can lead you to the inner vibration of Prana. Prana is the cause of all sound, and sound is the expression of Prana” ~Swami Satchidananda

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Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course Certified by Yoga Alliance
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About our 30h Nada Yoga TTC


 Take this journey and learn the ancient teachings of Nada Yoga, the hidden energy that connects the outer and inner cosmos through vibration and sound. The practice of Nada Yoga is based on a deep knowledge of the nature and effect of sounds on people and on the whole of nature, in particular on the subtle body with a system of energy or “sound paths”, the nadis and chakras. Nada Yoga is an approximately 5000 year old metaphysical philosophy and practice from India. It is rooted in the assumption that the entire creation has emerged from vibrations, oscillations, and is constantly being created anew and that everything that exists is connected to one another through these very vibrations: Nada Brahma, the world is sound. These vibrations are called “Nad”, “Naad” or “Nada” in Sanskrit. Nada also means process, flow of consciousness or sound. Within this training we will immerse deeply into the ancient tradition of Nada Yoga, exploring, sound, vibration and music. Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course is suitable for yoga teachers that would love to unlock the secrets and power of sound, learn the proper vocal techniques and methods to enrich their daily classes and teachings, but also for anyone willing to take a step further to deepen their knowledge and self practice. Learn the proper method and technique to use your own voice as a teacher for guidance and meditation and the beauty of the mantra usage. Create a unique ambiance and transform your Yin Classes, Yoga Nidra Sessions and Shavasana moments with the transcending vibrations and sounds created by various types of Singing bowls and cymbals.

The course is taught by 
Thina Chat, experienced  E-500RYT  registered yoga teacher and YACEP® continuing education provider.


The Yoga Fusion Shala's Nada Yoga Teacher Training provides far more than a foundation to get in touch with this ancient philosophy. Nada Yoga is for everybody! Nada Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physical constitution, etc. The practice helps many to find their own natural voice and (again) to trust themselves to sing - which can also be very helpful for many in everyday life! In this way, Nada Yoga can become a healing path through: self-awareness, self-knowledge, strengthening of intuition and creative expression and communication while Learning music skills such as playing the singing bowls can really infuse your practice and take it to a completely different level. Nada Yoga is a joyful and at the same time very effective technique for meditation. It trains attention and concentration on the finest levels of consciousness and intense joy and happiness can be felt. It promotes deep relaxation, stopping the inner dialogue / ending mental noise, sounding one's own voice, or singing bowls' sound and vibration as an instrument for changing consciousness.

30h nada yoga TTC overview
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Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

  • Nada Yoga Philosophy: The Yoga of Sound

  • What is Nada Yoga & Origins

  • Types of Nada Yoga

  • The benefits of Music Therapy & Sound Healing

  • Understanding of the Nadis & Chakras

  • Chakras in Relation to Mantras, Vibration & Sound

  • Mantras: Origins, Types & Usage

  • Anhata & Ahata

  • The science behind Sound Healing

  • Ethics & Boundaries of a nada yoga teacher

  • Working one - on - one, personal guidance & Tutoring. 

  • Setting up a yoga business. Practical matters and business plan.


Anatomy & Physiology

  • Anatomy of the Human Voice

  • Respiratory System

  • Dynamics of Breathing

  • Parasympathetic System

  • The Physical benefits of Nada Yoga

Techniques, Training & Practice / Teaching Methodology 


Singing Bowls

You will gain expertise in every level related to Singing Bowls including:

  • History

  • Types & How to distinguish them

  • Playing Methods & Techniques

  • Older Versus Newer Singing Bowls

  • High Quality Versus Low Quality, Sound and Feeling

  • What can Different Singing Bowls do

  • Singing Bowls in Relation to Chakras

  • Singing Bowls in Relation to Mantras

  • Finding & Setting your equipment

  • How to Clean your space & your singing bowls

  • Maintenance & Storage

Yoga Fusion Shala bhakti Yoga

Nada & Bhakti Yoga

  • Daily Bhajan - Kirtan sessions with live music

  • Arati Ritual (the light purification ritual)

  • Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

  • Nada Yoga:

Tibetan & Crystal Bowls sound healing meditation

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Pranayama & Meditation

  • Pranayama techniques and teaching methodology in Nada Yoga

  • Daily Pranayama practice 

  • Daily meditation practice

  • Pratyahara & Dharana Techniques in Nada Yoga

  • Visualization & Relaxation Techniques

  • Nada Yoga & Shavasana

  • Nada & Yoga Nidra


Ayurveda & Yogic Nutrition

Yogic diet focuses on the spirituality of our body and plays a very significant role in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual improvement.

It can make us calmer and stress - free while having a positive impact on our energy levels.

During our training we will learn all about the benefits of implementing a sattvic yogic diet into our daily lives and the deep connection of Yoga and Ayurveda philosophies, while following a vegetarian balanced nutrition that will optimize our spiritual and nada yogic practices. 

To prepare yourselves for the training we advise you to abstain from using drugs, alcohol, tobacco, meat and fish.


Nada Yoga ''Vibration of the Cosmos'' teacher training course with Thina Chat certified by

Nada & Yoga Nidra Workshop


Traditional Gong Fu

Tea Ceremony Workshop 


Nada Yoga & Yin


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Nada Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule
30h nada yoga TTC study material
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All our study material and daily schedule, is organized in a very detailed way that will take us through the whole training step by step daily. During the first day of our welcoming circle, you will be given access to all the study material via your email, where you will be able to have an overview of the whole training structure and prepare yourself daily, study and organize. Through our study groups within the database, you will be also able to stay up to date with daily notes, exchange knowledge and information with the rest of the trainees and the teachers and you will be able to download and print all manuals etc. as well. Moreover you will have an ongoing access for life after the training ends, so now worries about missing any training material!
Therefore besides your traditional notebook and pen, bring with you a laptop or tablet (you can also use your smartphone too) to be able to have easy access and easy reading within the daily study modules. This way you can organize, prepare and revise your study properly within the training easily.

Regarding practice equipment, you will be provided with all the Nada Yoga teaching and practicing props needed for this tradition and you will get the chance to become familiar and practice with different types of singing bowls too, but feel free to bring and use your own equipment if you wish, and your travelling way allows you to carry with you.

  • During Covid restrictions it is mandatory to bring your own mat with you.

  • We can provide you with a brand new Manduka mat upon request and extra cost.

30h nada yoga TTC pre-requisites & Conditions
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  • You don't have to be a certified yoga teacher already

  • The training will be given entirely in English. All training material is in English as well. It is therefore necessary that you are familiar with the English language. If you want to attend this training in Greek please contact us to be informed regarding the dates that the training is scheduled to be given entirely in Greek.

  • You don't have to be a musician or have music knowledge already!

  • Many students take this course just to deepen their own practice and knowledge.

  • If you have any other teaching experience this will be beneficial but is not essential.

  • If you are attending the course in two separate modules, to participate in Module 2 completing Module 1 or an equivalent hours of study certification of completion is mandatory. There are no other pre-requisites for attending Module 1.

  • If you are a beginner yourself this will help you to understand the teaching and learning process even better.

  • If you are a teacher this training will help you to enhance your teaching skills, enrich your classes, be more versatile and deepen your knowledge.

30h nada yoga TTC teachers
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30h nada yoga TTC examination & certification
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E-RYT Thina Chat Yacep Educator - Yoga Alliance
  • International certification acknowledged by Yoga Alliance (YACEP)

  • In depth Nada yoga practice and analysis

  • Intensive teaching focus on educational methods

  • Understand the connection between energy, sound, vibration

  • Personal coaching and mentoring guidance and tips.

  • Learn how to implement nada yoga elements to various asana classes, yoga nidra, meditation, relaxation.

  • Learn how to use your speaking voice in a proper way, keeping your voice healthy while teaching a lot of classes everyday, to create a calming ambiance while teaching your classes or leading a kirtan and singing mantras, avoiding damaging your voice in the long-run.

  • Gain expertise in every level of Yin practice including postures and their modifications, alignment & props.

  • All about setting up and maintaining your singing bowls and space.

  • Learn everything about how to choose the right singing bowls for you and play them properly.

  • How to Lead sound-baths and sound-massages.

  • how to build your own business and start a new career.

  • The training concludes with an evaluation day and exam, a kirtan and tea-ceremony graduation certification ritual.

  • After completing the attendance evaluation day & exam, you will receive your Yin Yoga Teacher certificate from Yoga Fusion Shala, recognized by the Yoga Alliance with 50 hour continuing education for Yoga Teachers.

This Nada Yoga Training is an in-depth 50hours spread out through a 7 day immersive training, that gives you everything you need to start incorporating nada yoga into your daily teaching and practice

Intuition and creative intelligence are strengthened. Nada Yoga compensates for the “top-heavyness” of many people today. As a result, the self-regulating forces inherent in every human being become active again.

Nada Yoga is “singing pranayama.” Your own voice is “audible breath - Nada Yoga is“ sung pranayama ”. Singing energizes and quickly brings back used energies, harmonizes and promotes the health of the entire physiology.

Discovering fine distinctions about your regular practice that would take years of intensive study to realize in any other way will change your perspective on how to be more innovative, creative and open your heart to embrace the beautiful effect of the sound in yoga and inspire your students to do so too.


Thina Chat, Yoga Fusion Shala's Founder, owner and teacher, is an Experienced Yoga Teacher Registered at Yoga Alliance: E-RYT and a Registered Continuing Education Provider: YACEP. Yoga Fusion Shala is a sanctuary of yogic wisdom and holistic learning, proudly recognized as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance. Our school stands as a beacon of yogic excellence, following Yoga Alliance’s rigorous standards in our transformative teacher training programs. Upon completion, our students are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs), a testament to the comprehensive education they receive.

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